Our Law Firm was founded in 2005 and provides legal services in a wide range of areas of law with emphasis on matters of civil, corporate, commercial and criminal law, international transactions and real estate.

We represent both individuals and companies, on case-by-case or on a permanent and stable basis as legal advisors. We obtain international experience and support clients from Greece and abroad in cases of international nature.

We aim at the fullest legal service of our clients, supported by the in-house Public Notary of Athens, Maria Bavea-Paravantes.

Our professional education and experience provide us with the ability to handle complex judicial and extrajudicial cases that require special expertise and we offer integrated legal services. We steadily invest on interpersonal relations with our customers, develop a mutual trust and stand out in the market for our clientele oriented policy.

We have created a team of associates working in a group spirit, composed of mutual support and respect for the utmost immediacy and credibility in the day-to-day operation of our office.

We believe that practicing law is a community service and that integrity, reliability, honesty and ethics are the most important elements in the relationship between client and lawyer in order to ensure the best possible result.


Ioannis Βaveas

Lawyer at the Supreme Civil Court
Up to today, he has demonstrated in his professional career a wide judicial experience at all levels and types of courts. He is a legal advisor at numerous companies, an off-counsel for a bank, as well as for a local city authority.


Nicholas Pinatsis

Lawyer at the Supreme Court
His professional activity is mainly concerned with the provision of legal services to domestic and foreign companies for the establishment, operation and conversion of businesses, debt collection, trade agreements…


Yannis Rigakos

Lawyer at the Supreme Civil Court
Yannis has extensive experience in corporate law, having been successfully negotiating out of court and supporting shareholders protection and shareholder rights, includingcourt proceedings, corporate transformations…



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